3 projects to get involved with CPR

What we are about:

We love Jesus and together with our father, we desire that a pure fragrance of worship will arise from every nations tribe and tongue,


"From the islands to the nations"


It takes the nations to set the nations free,


So we invite you to join us in one, or all of our projects!


Check it out:


Caribbean Prayer Rooms + Gatherings

We are a family of praying communities around the Caribbean.


We invite you to come and support one of our prayer rooms for a season, or also just come with us to one of the upcoming House of prayer seminars we run on the islands.


We also offer internships, seminars. or you can join us in our yearly gathering.


This year (2024)  we'll be in Montego Bay Jamaica and we welcome guests and volunteers from the nations to proclaim His glory here!!!

CPR Homes

We know that worship isn't just singing songs, but living in a way that makes people sing songs! 

We want to build simple homes in the surrounding of our houses of prayer to give a refuge for people in need and also as expressions of worship. 

If you and friends, small groups or churches can raise around 10000 Dollars and you come for a week to the Caribbean, in this week we will be able to build a home, shine the name of Jesus and have a loooot of fun! 

Come with us! 

CPR on the water!

A swimming Prayer Room!


God has been seeking to us about this since some time, but He seems to emphasise this in this season! 

We do need a way to con next our Caribbean houses of prayer and there is a need to redeem the waterways between the islands...

How will we do this?

Pray! Connect us. Give...Let us hear if you can help us make this dream happen! 

We have a crew ready that is willing to Go on this adventure, we also have a homeharbor for the boat..... now, Let it come!