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Today is a beautiful day in the caribbean!     

We are a international community of lovers of God who are called to declare His glory from the islands to the nations. Our passion is Jesus and we love to bring His blessings and reconciliation to the nations of this earth!    
There are many things we do and that we invite others to be part of.     
Have a look around here, and just feel free to contact us if you want to get involved!
See you !
Volker & Naraleska


Last School we had in 2015 on the way of st.james

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Who we are

We are an international family, that loves to discover and share the treasures of the nations. 


What we do

We plant communities of lovers of God! Houses of prayer, discipleship training schools,  humanitarian help, seminars, teaching .....working together with the University of the Nations, 

Youth With A Mission,

IHOP KC.....and many others


if you need more information please feel free to  write us at:  connect@organiclounge.org

We love what we do

We are lovers of life and we believe that enjoyment matters! 

Our mission is to live true to our God created design, from the inside out and help others to come to this place of rest and power and from there to see life in abundance flow from the islands to the nations of this earth!