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St. Philip, Barbados

Sicily, Italy

It all started in 2012, when Volker waking up in the morning suddenly had the conviction to go to Sicily.  He was so certain that he had to go, he began to make plans and every step of the journey was divinely prepared and set out before him.  One door opened after another.  Humedica jumped on board and decided to finance the trip to facilitate an evaluation of the refugee situation in Sicily, having Volker report back to them.  Once in Sicily, Volker connected with key people who had an honest heart to establish a place to help and reach out to the refugees.  A bridge was established and a source of provision began to flow and reach the people who needed it most.  Volker led a series of outreaches for several years  entirely focused on reaching out to the refugee crisis in the south of Italy.

Today there is an established ministry called Missione Tre V, entirely focused in reaching out to the refugees.  We couldn't be more thankful and pleased to see our dear friends Francesco and Tina Iuzzolini pioneer this endeavor and carry it on day after day.   If you want to keep updated with what is happening currently, I encourage you to visit their webpage.   

Here are some pictures of some of our many visits.

Tenerife, Spain

Rio di Janeiro, Brasil




Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We arrived in the city of Amsterdam in 2007.  We plugged in with Youth With A Mission.  The former leader Armando Benner was about to launch a new vision called ¨The Tabernacle of the Nations¨.    It was this vision what resonated with our hearts and we decided to support its pioneering phase.  The Tabernacle of the Nations is a place where all the nations can come to worship and pray.  A Prayer House for all Nations.  It is located in the heart of the famous Red Light District.  A haven of peace in the midst of perversion and sexual exploitation.   People from all spheres and backgrounds could come and gather and praise in their own mother tongue.   Thanks to the continual intercession and worship held in this place, the heart of the Red Light District has been transformed and many brothels had to close down their doors.  Many ladies decided to step out of prostitution and receive the help to change their lives.   Laws were passed to control the consumption of drugs openly.  Prayer is really that powerful!, but it took time, conviction and perseverance.

There were also other ministries that reached out into the community.   Our team held outreaches to the ladies on the windows, brought coffee and pursued to engage in a normal conversation that would restore their sense of dignity.  Made music on the streets.   Hosted events to feed the hungry during the hard winter months.   

Quito, Ecuador

World cup Outreach Germany 2006

Monterrey, Mexico

Minnesota, USA

Texas, USA

Caracas, Venezuela

Life before marriage

Freiburg, Germany


Hurlach, Germany

Mandeville, Jamaica

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Caracas, Venezuela

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