our engagement

In the last years we have helped starting soo many great projects that its hard to keep track of.... some pictures here are with a refugee ministry in Sicily,   with street kids in the Caribbean,  with drugaddicts in Amsterdam,  coaching in Germany,  helping out in Brazil..... there are so many  meaningful ways we can bring hope and life into this earth... feel free to join us!

Coaching, Seminars, Retreats, Holidays with a purpose, Schools,                                                                              on the Canary islands, Caribbean, Europe and South America

Some of the stuff we offer:

  • Contemplative detox, enjoy beautiful nature, yummy & healthy food, and learn to live in the here and now!

-DETOX Take some time off , Detox your body soul and spirit & learn a new way to eat and be yourself as you were meant to be. Working together with local biofincas and retreat centers.


-Holidays with a purpose. We go to different nations and as we learn to cultivate healing plants and super foods we also teach it to people there and support projects like children homes, orpanages..... 

-Contemplative prayer seminars. Spend a week on the beautiful island of Tenerife and learn to live in the here and now! Program includes tours, times of rest and guided meditation.

-Schools in partnership and acredited by the Universiy of the nations.

Characterbuilding and enlihtening courses such as the JWAY DTS 3 Month lecture phase on the camino de santiago and 3 month practical phase creating & supporting projects such as youth centers, orphanages, refugee camps, homeless ministries, rehab centers, feeding programms and working together with organic farming projects in Spain, Africa, Asia and South America.

-Coaching & Counceling for individuals groups "companies,family, marriage and premarriage councelling, health and nutrition coaching

-Seminars promoting healthy relationships with our selves and surounding.

Working through crisis, finding a place of rest and helping to work through difficult life situations finding new perspectives based on truth and values.

-Place of rest - Dulce refugio.

Place of rest, Hotel, Restaurant, meditation room, healing room that allows you to rest and get refocused to sharpen our understanding on what really matters.

All our courses and seminars are offered in spanish english and german and can be held billingual.

So they are a great opportunity to learn spanish english or german while enjoying and resting & coming to know people from different countries and backgrounds.

For individuals and groups we also offer specialized courses in one language only.

We are also welcoming people who want to volunteer with us in a specific project or season.

Have a look on our calender for the dates that are fixed already, but also  feel free to ask for specials!

"Love doesn´t search its own... because it has it already!