Even if the world is upside down, we are looking ahead! 


The last few months we as family were on outreach in several countries in Europe and also as part of a prophetic community in France.

We have experienced an incredible hunger and need for God and at the same time felt soo encouraged to believe for a new wave of revelation to sweep over this continent. We are overflowing with faith for His kingdom to come and His will to be done here! 



Beginning of 2021 due to sad circumstances we lost our strongest financial supporter. ( Our ministry is financed purely by faithful friends of the bridegroom who dare to believe with us for Gods love to be poured out, in and through our family!

In all our outreaches this year ,God provided in often surprising ways, but now is the time to strengthen the foundations to build higher and wider! 


Right now, we are looking for 20 courageous friends who dare to unite their faith with us and commit themselves with 100 $ a month to our ministry.

Please connect with us at volkernara@organiclounge.org so we can meet live or on zoom.


Some more about us, who we are and what we do: 

Here in Europe we are moving and serving in partnership with https://jem-cevennes.com/en/

We are also still in leadership in the Caribbean as founders, leaders, coaches and so on, check out:




God has given us the vision of more of His fire to spread through the nations, through outreaches, schools, seminars....

you can see a few more upcoming dates here:  https://jem-cevennes.com/en/ 

or stay up to date with us more personal, by subscribing to our newsletter : https://mailchi.mp/4f0ba4c9bd21/declare-his-glory-from-the-islands-to-the-nations




Volker & Naraleska

Samuel, Hope & Life

Isaiah Freedom & Elizabeth Joy 


If you want to partner with us financially, check this out :






Thank you