Leafy Greens, Detox Powerhouse

Did you know that dark leafy green veggies are some of the most powerful detoxifiers we have at hand?. They support our body with nutrition, oxygenation, alkalization, and detoxification.

Dark leafy greens are not necessarily the first thing we crave in the morning or when we lay awake at night dreaming about food. Many of us struggle or force ourselves the salad in our mouth because we know that is good for us, right?. Oh, how should we know better!

Dark leafy greens provide our body with folate (Vitamin B9), Did you know that the word folate originates from the Latin word folium, which means leaf?. Nature has provided us with a way to acquire the things we need while we enjoy flavors and textures found in creation. Folate, in this case, is required for the body to make DNA and RNA as well as metabolise amino acids necessary for cell division.  We cannot make folate on our own, it is required in the diet, making it an essential nutrient needed to be found in the food we eat regularly. Dark leafy greens also regulate the production of a hormone known as erythropoietin, which decreases blood viscosity. This potentially reduces blood clots and heart attacks. The fiber found in leafy greens help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Greens also contain nitrites, which have been associated in browning fat cells, meaning converting fat-storing white cells into fat-burning brown cells. This creates extra fat burning super powers and ultimately the body can not but burn the extra weight.

Another amazing benefit I have discovered from my own consumption of greens is that it helps regulate blood sugars. I am very sensitive to sugar blood imbalances and need to keep a close watch to what and how I consume my foods. Anytime I have eaten something that upsets my levels, I would drink a green smoothie and will feel how everything neutralizes and the high blood sugar symptoms begin to disappear. It is really amazing how quickly I can feel this effect. Having this secret weapon to regulate my system is just so awesome, still I do not give myself green card to feast on the things that are not good for me. There is always that one place where everything is supposedly good for you, that healthy restaurant or that family member that doesn't believe you really have an issue and feeds you whatever in disguise, well, for places like that, I take out my secret weapon.

As if all of that was not good enough, there was a study by Rush University Medical Center where they concluded that the high vitamin K, folate, beta-carotene and lutein found in leafy greens decreased the rapid aging process in those participants consuming higher amounts of dark leafy greens. Greens have anti-aging super powers!.

I will be taking some days and do a Green smoothie detox / cleanse. What better way to start the year with some green goodness!.

Have you ever done a Green Smoothie challenge??.

I don’t necessarily have to think of it as a challenge but rather a blessing!.

Green smoothies are cleansing and nutritious. They offer a super fast way of absorption of nutrients to the body while supplying pure goodness and balanced ratios of natural carbs, fats and liquified amino acids to feed the depth of your soul. At least it feels that way to me!. It cleanses and nourishes from within. As the body receives the intensity of the chlorophyll shot in a glass, it purifies the blood and strengthens the immune system giving a sensation of calmness and vitality at the same time. I am drinking one as I write, and this is what I feel just now at every sip. I take another sip, just a sec!.

Even by challenging yourself to a 5 day green smoothie challenge, drinking one green smoothie a day you can already see a huge improvement in your overall feeling of wellness and well being. The detoxification process will boost the energy levels, strengthen the immune system, support the the digestion and weight management, reduce inflammation, improve mood big time and promote healthy radiant skin.

I am open to you all joining me in this detox / cleansing adventure. I believe in the beauty and strength of creation to supply what we need.

How Green would you like to go is the challenge!. The blessing of knowing how to get back on track and make the best choices for your body is simply invaluable.

Sounds all marvelous!. But, what is a Green smoothie?

A green smoothie is a concoction made from leafy greens, ripe fruit and water. You can use any greens you have at home or the ones you can find at your local farmers market, this is the place where you choose organic from a trusty source. I buy mine from Harrow's Organic Produce. Any leafy greens are good, I even use the greens from my veggies, carrots, beets, etc, diversity of greens is good!. The body will then have plenty of choices to take from what is needed most. If you are able to buy your veggies with the greens, eat them!. There are endless combinations of flavors you can make, the darker the better.

The fruit should be ripe. Use whatever is in season, fresh and cheaper by the dozen. Frozen fruit can also be used if you are currently in winter wonderland. There is a secret about the fruit. There are two types of fiber, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Greens have lots of insoluble fiber while some fruits may have both or contain more soluble fiber. The insoluble fiber is a resistant fiber used for the construction of stuff, like the clothe we are wearing. Soluble fiber is that fiber that keeps things together and are creamy and delicious, like bananas, papaya, avocado, mango, strawberries, pear, etc. The combination of this two, the greens and the ripe creamy fruit is so enjoyable and easy to make that you will only wonder why have you not done it before!?!. Give it a try and let me hear all about it!. At the beginning you incorporate a bit more fruits then greens as you learn to adjust, but don't be shy, add your greens in plenty.

We need 2 kilos of green a day to supply all the amino acids required for the well being of our organism. Don't shy away from that extra bit of greens in your smoothie. Keep in mind to eat a varied diet to nourish your body to the fullness.

I have started the year with my celebratory smoothie at hand, if you would like more information or would like to join me, let me know!. I most apologize for my not so fancy green smoothie picture, but the truth is I want to use the biggest cup I have, so excuse me, my blender is the biggest cup I have ... I am enjoying some organic bananas from my dear friend Shirley Gibson. I keep on sipping!.

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